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SIX DAYS OF CREATION courses currently provide training in icon painting, ecclesiastical pictorial embroidery and wood and stone carving.  Future plans are to incorporate and offer instruction in the mosaic medium of iconography.

Students receive intensive instruction in the art and language of the icon from the perspective of the Orthodox Church.

For instruction in icon painting we use the traditional technique of egg-tempera and palette of semi-precious stones, refined clays and gold.  Embroidery instruction is also the traditional approach using precious materials: pure silk fabric; silk, gold and silver threads; pearls and semiprecious stones. Likewise, our courses in wood and stone carving make use of noble materials such as walnut and linden wood, steatite and Kisii stone, which yield results similar to medieval ivory.

For curriculum description and registration process, please select from your area of interest.

2020 Schedule 3-9, 2016​



MAY 31 - JUNE 6, 2020

Holy Family Retreat Center
West Hartford, CT

June 21 - 27, 2020

St. Anthony of Padua



To Be Arranged

Diakonia Retreat Center

Metropolis of Atlanta


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