Olga Fishchuk was born in the town of Zhytomir (Ukraine) and is a former journalist. She is a graduate of the Pictorial Embroidery Department of the Icon Painting School under the Moscow Orthodox Theological Academy (Sergiev Posad, Moscow Region, Russia). During her four years of study there, she participated extensively in research in museums throughout Russia, learning to create original new works in the ancient style by using the ancient technology. She also studied icon painting, iconology and history of church art as well.

Since graduation, Olga has lived in Kiev, practicing ecclesial pictorial embroidery. Her works are in use at the Church of the Protection of Our Lady at the Moscow Orthodox Theological Academy; the Church of the Archangel Michael in Moscow; the Kievo-Pecherska Lavra and Zverynetsky Monastery in Kiev; and in many other places. Fishchuk’s work has been shown in exhibitions in Russia, Ukraine and elsewhere, as well as in a one-woman show in Amsterdam (Netherlands) in October 2010.

Olga’s goal is to spur a revival of the ancient art of ecclesial pictorial embroidery. Ecclesial pieces created in this tradition are made with precious materials: pure silk fabric; silk, gold and silver threads; pearls and semiprecious stones. Olga's vision is one that Hexaemeron not only shares, but is also honored to participate in bringing it to a reality in America. Along with personal instruction in a small group atmosphere, Olga has copyrighted a manual that guides students through the classwork assignments and work to carry out on their own.