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HEXÆMERON is a 501c(​3) non-profit organization founded in 2003 by a group of Orthodox Christians who saw the need to provide a sound and structured education in the art of icon painting based on classic Byzantine prototypes and rendered in the ancient and traditional technique of the egg-tempera medium. Since 2003 Hexaemeron has provided training in icon painting for hundreds of students across the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, New Zealand and Australia.

We have recently added courses in ecclesial pictorial embroidery and wood and stone carving. A further addition of courses in mosaic medium is underway for the 2013 season.

HEXAEMERON INC takes its name from the Greek term that signifies the six days of creation as described in the opening chapters of Genesis. St. Basil the Great, writing in the fourth century about these six days, developed a text of nine treatises called THE HEXAEMERON, which is a commentary on the successive measures of plenitude:

"And God said, let there be ..."

In keeping with its name, HEXAEMERON INC offers SIX DAYS OF CREATION courses in ecclesial arts for the beginner and for those who have acquired a teachable level of artistic skills and experience and desire to enter into the tradition of Christian arts for the benefit of the Church and Her children throughout the world.

Although Hexaemeron has been an itinerant school of ecclesial arts for a decade, it has long been our goal to create a fully operating apprenticeship program in a fixed location under the blessing of the Orthodox Church. You can join us in this effort with your resources and your prayers. Until such time as we can realize the reality of a school in residence, donations to Hexaemeron go to support scholarships for deserving students. You may designate a particular student to support with your gift. The total amount will go directly to support scholarships; no administrative expenses are supported by your gift.

Your gift to Hexaemeron non-profit organization may qualify as a tax deduction. Please consult your tax preparer..

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